GOP’s Quickening Descent into Madness Increases Risk of Shifting Rule from Ra’s Al Guhl Style “Only a Cynical Man Would Call What these People Have Lives” to Hard Right Neo-Nazi Rule by More Honestly Depraved But Also More Openly Nihilistic BASE Over Ground-Yielded “Leadership”

It’s not a joke. Trump destroyed the GOP’s own blueprint for self-serving while selling out their own constituents to race-baiting civil destruction and policies that keep the poor struggling, begging for change, blaming their fellow hard workers. Trump didn’t understand the plan and just poked angry people to serve himself. He destroyed the GOP. But you still have the base that needs to be fed. Some of the GOP leadership is still playing the game. Some of the GOP leadership is not concerned enough that they will never be enough for the rage and self-pity of the base they knee-capped and betrayed.

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