Manchin and Sinema’s Model of Americans Receiving $1million Dollars Each in Donations in Order to Keep Billionaires on Welfare – Is It a Feasible Plan for All of Us? When to Expect Your $1Million Dollars To Resist Social Justice.

Manchin and Sinema are getting rich off of donations specifically related to their blockage of good legislation for Americans. They are the fulcrum that big money currently is using to stop any tax raises on the ultra-rich. But if they can’t hold out due to pressure from everyday Americans, the progressives already elected who aren’t on the dole, is there a feasible way for billionaires to pay off Americans individually $1 Million Dollar Sums to stop them from demanding the uber-rich start to pay their fair share, and vote how these corporations and tycoons want us to vote?

What about some sort of giveaway where people are forced to vote against their interests but they have a lottery to ride on a Jeff Bezos dick spaceship? Or are we destined to end up in a situation where every year we send one tribute from each corporate district to fight to the death so they remember not to fuck with people, and that money does not make them gods?

Kyrsten Sinema, Fashion Icon of the New LEft

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