Will Master Corporate Dem-Legislative Mind Pelosi Take a Hint from Clinton and Go Path of Cutting 3.5Tril Bill In Order to Prop Up Trump in Next Election, So Dems Have A Good Enemy to Villainize?

Clinton notoriously propped up Trump as the GOP candidate she preferred to run against. Faced with siding with progressives, who want to win votes on making legislation that benefits Americans, versus considering the billionaires feelings and not going overboard with this whole ‘building back better’ talk… what can we expect going forward as the Dems aim to show how weak and effective they are?

What will the Democrats do, seeing as how they are the only sane option for voters in 2022 and 2024, do the calulated LOSE your votes and make you stay home? Let’s watch!

Slay, Queen. Make Good Choices, Sweetheart. We Love You.

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