Arresting Trump ASAP Is Essential So He Can’t Run For an Office He Already Lost Claim To Through Violence, and Hold Rallies That Inevitably Lead To Civil War

There’s no chance Trump comes to power again in America, not without a violent resistance and falling into open warfare. I have to believe Americans aren’t dumb enough to not resist his second ascension, no matter how vocal his followers are that he is the only way to save America while they rabidly attack and defile everything America stands for in their march across our nation through a carefully selected series of rallies to create chaos, letting Trump skip out of town before the flames approach his heels.

It is essential the government do their work quickly to hold Trump accountable for the crimes he has so clearly committed, despite the GOP representatives who continue to support him at the opposition of rule of law and the constitution.

We all know the situation. Now we need to think strategically.

When a lot of people are about to die, it’s your duty to make sure it is the right ones. In the meantime, put as much pressure as you can on the government to save its own ass from the fire that threatens to turn us all into desperate starving cannibals in a bombed out nightmare land of eternal meaningless war.

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