Defending a Woman’s Right to an Abortion, No Matter What the Supreme Court Decides

The GOP spent pretty much all of its political effort and capitol, by which it might be seen as a legitimate actor in U.S. politics and not a self-debasing hypocritical machine to push an agenda at the expense of our institutions – on securing a partisan supreme court. Now we are looking at that court’s first big session.

Supreme Court Could Go Totally Extremist This Term

By Ed Kilgore at The Intelligencer

There is very little reason left to behave if our institutions decide to forfeit their duty to stand for justice for all and enforce laws against their own charters, if for instance the supreme court outlaws abortion. If the supreme court overturns Roe vs. Wade, it will be a radical choice. This would be a decision the court would make in defiance of that self-same court’s precedence, but also would most likely be based in religious belief. It could be brazenly based in violation of the separation of Church and State, undermining the constitutional basis of the validity of the Supreme Court issueing rulings in the first place.

I am not keen to overthrow rule of law. But I am saying, our country is built on revolution and the idea that government is justified by very specific claims to legitimacy. And if these are violated, our own founding fathers tell us we have a duty to seek redress.

Fight for women. Fight for sanity. Fight for common sense laws. Fight for the future.

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