Jeff Bezos Continues His Conquest of Humanity’s Final Frontier As Our Greatest Exploitative Anti-Humanist By Launching Into Space William Shatner, A Pioneer of Philosophical Artistic Social Justice Warfare

Shatner is a man of the people saying ‘everyone in the world needs to see’ while Bezos is only interested in using people of the world as a stepping stone. Bezos miscalculated in choosing his celeb to ride on his billionaire rocket. Jeff Bezos is a garbage monster. It’s unfortunate our final frontier is being conquered by such an exploitative anti-humanist.

Listen to Jeff Bezos here trying to carry a conversation with Shatner who appreciated an experience, while being a man of zero substance and humane thought who is likely completely divorced from humanity at this point in pursuit of a demiurgic power dream. It’s a phenonemal moment of contrast.

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