Youth Missionaries In Training, Taught Suffering For Jesus is the Highest Virtue, Are Struggling With Issues of Jealousy and Fear-Of-Missing-Out As They Watch News of Kidnapped Haitian Missionaires

What use is my faith to our crucified Lord if I am comfortable here in this Starbucks with my youth group friends and not currently being forced into the back of a cab somewhere, to be taken to a dingy shack where I can be bound and gagged and possibly tortured, so that God can truly put my faith into action?

Our pastor and our parents constantly tell us about the ‘spiritual warfare’ that is happening. But it is hard to focus when we are all stuck waiting for marriage and wondering what God wants from us in our upper crust lives, where we have all our needs met and where the evils of the world are abstract and always outside and menace at best like a guilty pleasure distraction.

Some nights I thirst for real blood,
For real knives, for real cries.
And then the flash of steel from real guns
In real life really fills my mind.


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