Autistic Child Savant Can Name Every Iteration of Amazon PRIME from 1st unto, It Becomes an Etereal Network of Capitalist Ideology Draining Human Life Force Directly from the Human-Jointly-Constructed Future Universe Demonically

Carlton Mathers, an autistic savante of age 23, who spends his days watching anime, can calculate PRIME’s next iterations in a way that makes him unique. Some autistic savantes can play the piano exceptionally well from a young age, some have certain MATH skills, but Mathers, through his fascination with anime, cyberpunk, and nerd culture, can calculate the next moves of Amazon Prime until it becomes integrated through high technology with the fabric of the universe, he says, to become a cosmic force that enslaves us and drains the energy and life force of all mankind. Some are baffled at his calculations and demand to see demonstrations of adding up what he spurts out as easy as adding 2+2=4. But clearly, Carlton is a special boy who loves his anime and even though he screeches when the Amazon trucks drive by, his family is proud of him and his abilities.

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