Scientists Issue Warning to Look Out For Flux Disturbances in the Fabric of the Fourth Wall throughout the Weeks Ahead.


Since the announcement of discovery of the ‘FOURTH WALL’ detailed below:

Scientists Announce Discovery of a ‘Fourth Wall’ Around the Known Universe, Which Seperates Us From Self-Referential Recognition of Universally Inculcated Characteristics of that Universe Invested In Each Soul Dwelling Within Said Universe. Studies of How This Barrier might be ‘Broken’ Are Already Underway.

Scientists now believe that this barrier is unstable and will be subject to fluxuations in the weeks ahead. As we learn more about this force of nature, scientists believe humanity can.. potentially.. learn to live in harmonious existence with the knowledge of this mysterious force… But that our most likely bet for stabilizing our known world with its disruptive existence relies on achieving what is termed a ‘singing state’.

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