Dave Chappelle’s New Special ‘The Closer’ a Big Hit With Right Wing

When one of the strongest, most politically radical black poets (comedians, sorry) ends his run because his empathy can’t cover women with dicks, it’s a sad day. Guess his ho mileage ran out. He fought too much B.S. and now he’s turning on people cause they too freaky for him. Everybody gets old.

Here’s Ben Shapiro defending Dave mocking trans people:

Here is the Daily Wire, Shapiro’s home rag, furious over Dave Chappelle’s ‘8:46’ special.

If your whole career ends up with short clips on white racist misogynsists’ youtubes laughing over when you shit on some trans people, maybe you went in a wrong direction.

You were a fucking laureate level king roundabout The Bird Revelation and Equanimity. Come back, pimp. You beat my girls with coat hangers, but put em in a bath and we square. You’re the one. Money and a Microphone. You’re the one.

Be somebody, baby.

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