It is Youthful Impetuosity and Arrogance to Attack WHAT IS. One’s Great Task in Life is to Reconcile Oneself to Pain and the Coming of Death. The System Serves to Keep Us Coherent, And When It Dies, We Die With It, Joyously.

RELEASING another episode of KICKING OVER THE SHOW in the next day or two. I will discuss the film ‘Ingrid Goes West’ starring the inimitable Aubrey Plaza.

It looks like the system is functioning as it was designed, to perpetuate entrenched power structures. We should be careening over the cliff in the months and years ahead, but do not wory yourself, this is what must happen. The species collectively is not intelligent enough to survive. What you must do as a conscientious individual who seeks to continue life, is go quietly mad and pace your cage, the hunger artist desperately seeking a food they can feed upon, starving, as they fear the food does not exist. I am with your in Rockland. Take heart! Be strong! You are not wrong to go to war with the world. Attack life, it is trying to kill you anyway. Burn. Burn deliciously. No one is coming to save us.

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