Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Will Decide Whether Americans Can Go to Protests They Disagree With and Murder People

One thing to consider is what happens when the shoe is on the other foot. Daniel Alan Baker was convicted of threats against protesters. He wanted people to bring guns to the Florida statehouse to defend against MAGA attacks on our democracy. He was convicted of threats. Kyle Rittenhouse went to a protest he was ideologically opposed to and shot three people. The case’s decision has implications beyond what Rittenhouse did, but for a society increasingly seeing protests and unrest and people who use guns to silence voices they oppose, usually spurred by media that paints protesters as violent animals who are propagandistically portrayed in media segments as zombie-hordes who deserve no human empathy. As a total other who is not simply a fellow member of your community. We need to stop being manipulated into hating each other.

We shall see what the judiciary’s attitude on vigilanteism is through the outcome of this case. And that will set precedent for judges to NOT follow when the shooter is not someone who is acting in the service of white supremacy.

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