Fox News To Release Jan. 6th ‘Documentary’ Insisting the Attack on Our Democracy Was a False Flag – How Likely Now Is It that The U.S. Government, in the Guise of Antifascists Trying to ‘Protect Our Society’, do a False Flag Campaign BURNING DOWN FOX NEWS STUDIOS ACROSS THE COUNTRY? – Is this the next danger?

I sincerely hope Fox News workers stay safe from what is coming. If the patriots like Tucker Carlson are going to go this path and expose the lies that underlie our society, they are going to face an uphill battle. People are going to do everything they can to defend their degeneracy and mongrel race-mixing from these heroes. The likelihood of ‘false flags’ targeting Tucker Carlson and Fox News Studios with arson and violence just went WAY UP. Stay safe MAGA Patriots!

We Don’t Want An Entitlement Society. EVERYONE should live in perpetual fear.

If you are accusing people of hunting you down and trying to erase you from the earth… well, when I do this, I always at least reflect for a moment and wonder if this is something real I am talking about, or at least if I might deserve what I am claiming is happening to me. This is what makes the difference between me, a mentally ill person, and a propagandist trying to overthrow reality. I am still within the real.

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