Pick A Card To Play, Any Card (Paid For By the Committee to Unthinkingly Endorse the Unthinkable)

He liked to tell stories

Or rather make things up

About the people he dislikes

He likes to call things out

He was always pointing fingers

He was catching all our eyes

The monkey man who slung shit like no other

He was our guy

We love him because he gets it happening

So much today is dying fast

It used to be you could

But nowadays they’ve had it so good

These kids they got it bad

If you could understand the reason

I have faith in throwing stones

Then the witchcraft, not so silly

bloodcovered face and broken bones

What I don’t get is why they worry

About the image he creates

It’s not our worry what they’re feeling

Who cares what other people say

Since when have I ever had to relate to the projection

my endorsements contending larger worlds

I didn’t come here to make friends

I came here to make money, fuck, and kill

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