Watching True Grit (1969)

True Grit (1969) – started watching this last night, fell asleep but the opening proved to have feminist tones and made me think… How these artistic monuments of the past contain facets and sparkling lights of truth that remain, but how memory, genarlization, and reduction makes these stones in the river into dull icons. That John Wayne was this, never that. That right wing politics cannot embrace things, though it once did, before loosened out into these flats. So, Kim Darby is the woman of the hour. The trailer for this film on youtube is mighty terrible and full of spoilers. Don’t watch it. But I might write something or make a short video about this once I finish watching the film. If you have seen the film or want to watch along and comment, go for it! Let’s talk about what ‘conservatism’ means in the hypermodern world of today.

Kim Darby is the leading lady in this film, playing the tomboy daughter of a wronged man who seeks out the help of John Wayne. Tough, worldly, and no-nonsense, she’s on it.

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