Americans Rejoicing Trump’s Supreme Court As It Looks Posed To Increase the Rights of Rapists to Produce Offspring Through Forced Labor And Unwanted Suffering of Women Justly Punished For Having Reproductive Organs

Going beyond ‘If you don’t want to have a baby, don’t have sex’ – you know, that totally not disgusting thing you say to other people, advising them to not partake in one the most basic biological functions if they don’t want the ‘consequences’ that you decide should exist against the scientific procedures available because you identify more with the old testament than your fellow creatures – the supreme court is also posed to make forced birth a punishment fit for any woman a man gets his spooge into, who will be unable to do a damn thing about it, whether they are a rape victim, or even a family member. This is the price of sin, going back to Eve’s choice to eat the apple and not bash Adam’s head in with a rock and abscond with Lilith. So it goes. Enjoy your torture, thot. Keep your legs closed maybe.

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