The Supreme Court is Falling On Its Sword in Order to Win an Ideological Point, thinking People are too Dumb and Unwilling to Defend their Rights from a Government that Destroys its Own Foundational Claim to Legitimacy, and Authority

The Supreme Court seems to be moving into the position due to the nature of the Texas abotion law… That a community law which seeks to apply fair dealing applicable for ALL… Should be skirted through the subtle maneuvering of the court to benefit the will of those who want to make laws criminalizing – mainly through litigation and lawsuit – things individuals disagree with. Which is a court that is arguing it itself should not be an authority… And is a broken door argument that necessitates individuals who oppose the enforced laws – applied universally but not legitimized by communal foundation – to address their grievance with force, in the event the state props up actors who infringe on their civil rights – while rejecting the very argument that it needs a foundation of philosophical legitimacy – to do so.

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