What Were We Talking About, Even


How did we come to the Hoover Dam

Talking about politics and the ineffectiveness of ineffective leadership again

I think I said they want to blow it up

We were in discussion over why some find motive only in opposing,

Where one cannot move to make one’s community any better

Without pointing to the threat of falling behind the enemy

Cold war game theory made you mention it

I’d wager, not knowing

Behind the hoover dam there are metric tons of silt and debris built up

It happens like that, 

I joked about Deliverence

All the dead from the film who were flooded over after

John Voight came to understand the natural way of killing

Before he bit teethmarks into the broken pencil 

in the glovebox of commercial disdain

And we travel

The car rumbles on through winter, you counter with

I wouldn’t have hesitated

I don’t know the scene he’s referring to… Too much build up

Something about an arrow in a quiver waiting to be released

A hesitant marksmen

Some suicidal self-defeating ideology


I think I talk more, because I want you to know I know

I think I know you

But I don’t

I thought of a story you told me about your father and vegas and maybe losing it all

These pasts undiscovered, perpetually enwrapped in suffering and flame

Threatening to walk off the ledge, while a mother screams him back

It’s my money, if I want to lose it

It’s my life

Another piece of debris wanting the other side to choose it

On the verge of tears

Thinking of how estranged, when words and what we do still share

Is not enough

To save me from fracturing from what was once

All me

How long till it breaks?

Damnation or just overflow

The nature of illness and deceit

What holds back the will

Tears now, grow

What is desire to learning a child

Breaking into pieces, death and endless



Deliverance, and hope, and stupid lonesome

Beneath the open sky another task

To fill oneself up more

And become free

Wager me against the separation

Always double down on certain hands

A system, see

Dredge out the mermaid bones and 

Airlift an importuned

Brilliant career seeking sanity


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