The War On Christmas Comes Home to Roost: Social Media Posts About A Christmas Carol Lead Us To Ask – Is Santa Claus a Communist?

Charles Dickens Wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ To Revive His Waning Appeal, Proving that If We Simply Had Government and Corporations Prop Up Mediocre Artists, They Would Not Delve into Subversive Messages To Appeal to Undesirables Against the Interests of The Elite

Is Charles Dickens the real Scrooge by destroying a great fictional man like Ebeneezer to simply sell more books to an unwashed public that was losing interest in his boring politics?

Is populism – popularity itself – the great corrupter of order and the hierarchy that objectively determines men like Scrooge are simply more valuable to the world, and thus get more from the undeserving? Or am I losing my grip on whatever satirical thread I was pushing/pulling here and about to puke and pass out in my own filth.

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