I Said a Small Prayer for the Poor and the Naked and the Hungry (And I Prayed Real Hard For You) – Desperation is the Devil’s Work

You Should Be Screaming For Help For Your Life

Keep your crumbling eyes from the gray skies
It can only make living a chore
To come so many miles on broken legs
Please don’t put yourself through any more
Keep your arms by your side for now on
Believe in the powers of jet planes
Leave note on the pillow for lovers sake
’cause no one is safe in these arms
You should be screaming for help for your life
And long walks cross black top, etched fields
On my stomach now, a shoulder
Its not right that I fight being mean to you
Amen, goodnight and turn out the lights
I know where you’ll be
Sundown all over town
Tuck yourself in strong
Gray and blue striping over you
Apples and sunsets and almonds too
Gray and blue on my walk home from you
I could come back
I could come back if you wanted me to

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