New James Webb Space Telescope Secretly a Last-Ditch Defense by Scientists to Prevent Elon Musk’s Satellite Network From Taking Over Earth? IS IT A WEAPON?

NASA has launched a new deep space telescope, more powerful by several degrees than the Hubble telescope… or so they would have us believe.

Why some astronomers once feared NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope would never launch

According to Sam Witwicky, this next-generation telescope is a weapon that was built using technology based on robots found on the moon. Are alien cultures aiding scientists on earth against the rise of billionaire technocrats like Elon Musk? Whose satellite networks aim to control all information and space expansion on earth?

What side do you fight for in the war for the future, Amazon Prime, or Optimus Prime? These are serious questions we all need to consider as important true stories like this one may be covered up by levels of control rising against humanity and her interests on these dark horizons of the future.

Keep watching the skies.

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