Not Planning to Watch ‘Don’t Look Up’ – the Climate Change Movie Couched in an Asteroid Disaster Flick, But I Am Curious to Know What Kind of Ending they Gave It

What kind of ending can you possibly put on a Hollywood film that is a statement about how people tend to deny reality when faced with death, disaster, and uncomfortable truth? This is your bread and butter, my dudes. This is what you do. Arguably, the purpose of art is to distract from reality. Not my argument. I am a mentally ill chronically devergent psychopath type who is fundamentally alienated from the entire institutional structure of society. I have less and less common thread with the narrative people consensually crowd around. But this has gotta be a big question for you – what do you sell people when distraction fails?

How do you get people on board with a fun easy to swallow message when the message you now need to push is people should concern themselves in the Heideggerian sense with their Being-In-The-World, thrown into a situation simply through existence that orients them towards a horizon of death.

Don’t look up?

Where wouldst thou have me look, Jennifer Lawrence?

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