Elon Musk and Tesla’s ‘Nueralink’ Announce First Successful Gender Reassignment Surgery For their Cyborg Division: World, Meet Attack Helicopter AE-162b

It started joking around, you know, I knew some guys who would dress up as girls on Halloween. Me, I always liked to joke, ‘oh you wish you were a girl? I sexually Identify as an ‘attack helicopter’ radioed AE-162b to ground control. I was never much into sensuality and honestly got off on attacking people and being kind of that funny belligerent asshole, and now, thanks to Elon Musk, I am part of Cyber-Command Strike Force for Tesla where I am mostly controlled by drone protocol software. I have no genitals, but I have a super high speed connection to memes and right wing podcasters and also some really bitching instruments of death.

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