Special Look Inside Antifa Training Boot Camps Where Freaks and Geeks are Gearing Up To Combat Everyone Out Here Tweeting ‘I Wish I Could Die In a War, Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition’

Is the human species doomed? Yes, undoubtedly.

But does that mean it has to be a whole lot of pain and suffering with very little meaning? Well, obviously.

But in the meantime, there are some words I’ve always lived by: When a bunch of people are going to die, it if your duty to try your best to make sure it is the right ones.

I have a present: it is the present
You have to, to learn to, find it within you
If you can learn to love it, you just might like it
You can’t live without it
There’s a million open windows
I’m passing these open windows
Passing these open windows
There is plenty to criticize
It gets so easy to narrow these eyes
But these eyes will stay wide
I will stay young
Young and dumb inside
I have just begun to forget my lines

If you could save yourself, you could save us all
Go on living, prove us wrong
Your leap of faith could be a well-timed smile
Survival never goes out of style

[Verse 2]
I have a message: “Save your generation.”
We’re killing each other by sleeping in
Finnegan, begin again
This one can be won
One can become two
Two can pick and choose
You could be the first

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