Kevin McCarthy May Be Committing Some… Light Treason

Kevin McCarthy is arguably (pretty easily arguable) – Giving Aid and Comfort to Enemies of the United States, Presumably Because He Is Part of the Ongoing Threat and Unrepentent about Anti-Democratic Violence Directed from Trump’s Camp…

As an American citizen concerned about the growing threat of domestic terrorism in this country, one must consider McCarthy is only obstructing the Jan. 6th investigation in the hopes of helping further efforts of its kind in the future. In which case, he is to be considered an active threat to every law abiding citizen with an interest in preserving the Union.

McCarthy says he won’t cooperate with request to speak to January 6 committee – CBS NEWS

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy says he won’t cooperate with Jan. 6 committee – ABC NEWS

GOP Leader McCarthy rejects Jan. 6 panel demand for an interview – FOX NEWS

Kevin McCarthy is on record saying Trump bears responsibility for the violence of Jan. 6th. Now he is refusing to testify to the Jan. 6th committee about his calls with Trump that day – because he has reversed his position and is back up Trump’s asshole. What do you do with a drunken sailor?

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