The Walking Dead – S9E7 ‘Stradivarius’ – Makes a Case For Art and Community as a Defense Against the Threat of Primal Danger and Violence

Getting back into watching some of the shows I’ve loved, but fallen away from. Watched an episode of ‘Better Call Saul’ (I finished Breaking Bad, of course) and that show is continually brilliant. I checked out a crazy episode of Deep Space Nine S2E14 ‘Whispers’ – Great self-encapsulated story with a cyberpunk angle. And now am trying to make it through the last few seasons of The Walking Dead, after the earlier seasons have had such an enormous impact on me.

I talked to my sister about it, a big fan, and I told her I thought of it for a long time in the way people used to talk about Pink Floyd in some magazine I peeped one time – ‘The Only Band that Matters’. It’s not necessarily valid, but that’s how it feels when you’re in it. It’s a show about the whole world. Ever since George Romero crystalized the idea of the mindless corpse who presents as alive taking its threat of nonbeing out on the protagonist – with the tagline “they are us”, the Zombie genre has careened through countless manifestations of the concept. But The Walking Dead is a treatise – on the question inside the monster – WHAT DOES IT MEAN.. TO BE ALIVE?

This was a great episode to start back on. I hope to watch more soon and maybe write ’em up. What have you been watching? Post in the comments!

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