Massive Anti-Abortion Protest Planned In Hopes Supreme Court Enforces Religious Rules On Secular Society and Limits Rights of All Based on Beliefs of Few

Painting themselves as defenders of human dignity and the interests of ‘Life’, an anti-abortion movement that aims to hand down theocratic type law on their nation based on their personal spiritual-beliefs about biological truths is marching under what they hope is a sympathetic supreme judiciary.

The issue on the nation’s mind – Will this current heavily biased supreme court actually overturn Roe vs Wade? If so – on what pretext? How can they decide the rights of so many when precedent has already been set that the right to an abortion is constitutional? How can they defend the rights of the unborn at the time of six weeks without claiming a spiritual aka religious value for that ‘life’ (by actual contentious definition) and thus breaching the separation of church and state and overstepping their bounds as a constitutionally valid court?

It remains to be seen. And as well, as a cyberpunk philosophy blog, will have implications for other realms where the definition of ‘life’ is conentious… Would deeming such ‘life’ defendable mean certain types of A.I. research would become illegal? What ramifications would such decree have for the realms of transhumanism?

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