Metaphysicians And PyschoHistorians View Statistic of Vinyl Outselling CDs in 2021 for First time in 30 Years as Sign of Hope For Human Civilization In its Crisis Point


It’s a word that says a lot, because it says it all.

Is progress a quality of history? Change being the only constant, must things always ‘progress’ – in the sense of the word meaning ‘improve’? Or is it all just a bunch of random shit happening and people dealing?

You know, many people say that… it doesn’t make a difference… but I say that it’s the difference that makes it.

– Mark, ‘Empire Records’, (1995)


 Do you think this story is already written?

    Or do you think a bold and courageous act can change the course of history?
Jack Black as Barry, ‘High Fidelity’ (2000)

I Know But THIS:

When New and Improved Comes Up Against Time-Honored, and True… What Decides the Conflictuals, But the Power of Groove?

Vinyl sales in 2021 topped CDs in the United States for the first time in 30 years. – Read the Story at DJMag

According to data from Billboard, 38% of all album sales in the country last year were in vinyl format, accounting for over 50% of all physical album sales. This marked the first time more vinyls were sold than CDs in the US since 1991.

In one year, the rate of vinyl sales grew by 51% to 41.7 million, with female artists topping the charts. The biggest sellers were Adele’s ‘30’ — which was named the biggest-selling album of the year in the US — Olivia Rodrigo‘s debut ‘Sour’ and Taylor Swift‘s ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’. 

The figures paint a similar picture here in the UK. According to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), more than five million vinyl records were sold this year, an increase of 8% since 2020. This makes up 23% of all albums sold in the UK — also the highest figure in three decades — and marks the 14th year in a row that vinyl sales have been on an upward trend.  

According to a survey conducted by MRC Data last year, Gen Z are responsible for driving the sales. When 4,041 individuals aged over 13 were questioned on their music consumption, 15% of those within the Gen Z demographic claimed to have purchased vinyl records in the previous 12 months compared to only 11% of millenials. 

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