New York Mayor Eric Adams Joins Mourning NYPD Line of Police in Press Conference to Venerate and Foist Apotheosis On What Amounts to the Role of Threshold Guardian in a Story of Combating a Corrupt and Crumbling System

“It’s our city against the killers,” said Eric Adams in fiery speech / eulogy, making saints of servants of a starkly class divided society and without a hint of irony of the recent history of murderous police on main public display.

And then he came out against guns, chastising the Federal level of government for not doing enough to staunch the flow of guns into our cities.

No word yet on how his policies on taking away people’s guns dovetail into refusing to extend New York’s eviction moratorium and thus enabling taking away people’s homes.

He defers the violence in his city to federal policy on guns – he defers to violence against renters in the midst of a pandemic – to the federal level as well. While saying “we are in this together.”

It will be interesting seeing how a cop responds to further developments of the pandemic, continuing senate failures to protect Americans basic rights, and continued egregious economic disparity.

“For far too long, policy makers have not understood the urgency of the moment,” Adams said. “I do because I spend my life caring about how we have failed and abandoned so many New Yorkers.”

I have concerns that where people need food, homes, community, and simply efforts to promote economic justice – – they will be met under Eric Adams rule by uniformed men bringing raised guns.

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