News About Trump’s ‘TRUTH’ Social Media Reveal that Trump’s desire to Reshape Section 230 and Thwart in-place Guidelines of Social Media, Was to Have Control Rather than Order.


Devin Nunes, CEO Of Trump’s TRUTH Social, Confirms That ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Will Be HEAVILY Moderated
Content Moderation from the thank-you-section-230 dept
Wed, Jan 26th 2022 10:51am — Mike Masnick
It’s never been a secret that for all of the public claims about how Donald Trump’s upcoming social network “TRUTH Social” will be for “free speech” that this was never actually the plan. We noted right up front that its terms of service appeared to be way more restrictive than all the competitors it was criticizing — and even said it would be a violation of terms to “annoy” anyone working for the site. When Rep. Devin Nunes — who has a long history of suing people for criticizing and mocking him (i.e., no friend of free speech) — announced he was retiring from Congress to become CEO of Trump’s social network, we noted that he’d be quick to ban people on the site.

And, so it’s no surprise that Fox Business is reporting that the site will have “strict” content moderation tools in place, in order to make the site “family friendly.”

Fox Business has learned that TMTG is partnering with Hive—a San Francisco-based Series D start-up that provides automated solutions through cloud-based artificial intelligence for understanding images, videos, and text content. Hive’s technology provides automated content moderation across video, image, text and audio.

“We want to be very family-friendly, we want this to be a very safe place, and we are focused on making sure any illegal content is not on the site,” Nunes said in an exclusive interview with Fox Business.

“Hive has a great track record in this, and they have been good to work with,” Nunes continued. “They are very helpful for our team and because of their experience, I think they’re helping to craft the right spot for us.”

He added: “We want to be the most family-friendly site.”

Hive is, indeed, pretty widely used by various social media platforms struggling to keep craziness in check — including Parler and Chatroulette.

But, it’s pretty incredible to see Nunes saying this without any self-awareness at all. Considering how much he has criticized Twitter, YouTube and other platforms for their moderation practices — which were also very much based on the belief of making their platforms “family friendly” for users — it’s pretty ridiculous to pretend that TRUTH Social is somehow different.


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