Doja Cat Doing More Cyberpunk Shit – Hip-Hop / Sci-Fi / AfroFuturism Aesthetic Videos From A Current Queen of the Underworld

NEED TO KNOW – is a wild video with lots of Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk Imagery – Alien Babes As Well

“…the street finds its own uses for things” – William Gibson, ‘Burning Chrome’

Including women… Including lust… Including… commercialized cultural – commodities of image, light, sound… lyric, beat, and subverting rhythms…

Can’t stop the signal – that’s for damn sure – but can one trip on these wires counter-indicatedly? Dance back through source doors and selling forces to pleasure pack the indices?

34 + 35 the code that would enlist us against our programming?

It remains… to be Seen…

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