The Daily Wire – Right Wing Media Outlet – Getting into Feature Films with ‘Run. Hide. Fight’ – Are You Being Bullied At School? Are You a Victim Most of The Time? Is It Time to Raise Your Weapon and Take Care of the Problems!?’ Four out Five Stars from Trench Coat

At what point do you stop being mad all the time and start killing people?

Are you looking for a film that charicatures your opposition cartoonishly, indulges your victim complex, and riles you into a death-spiral?

This might be the film for you.

If your pussy ever gets overly wet, consult a doctor.

Art geared toward a political agenda strategically designed to make you angry, fed up, and more readily willing to engage in violence against your perceived oppressors.

Why yes, it is propaganda!

“We chose a school shooting because it is a microcosm for where our ideas are most effective – with young people – where violence is occuring presently. If we can get people to really revel in that mindset of being under siege and needing to do something, that is effective to pushing our agenda.”

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