A Slew of Candidates In 2022 Midterms – Both Dem and GOP Affiliated – Who Are Pro-Democracy – Are Refusing to Refer to You-Know-Who and Instead Using the Term ‘Walkers’, ‘Shamblers’ and ‘Zed’

There seems to be a new trend in the age old genre of politics, where it is consider ‘gauche’ to refer to a threat like Zombies who promote brain-dead policy and spread messages through bites rather than information conveyed honestly… by the old names of the candidates. So in the Midterms 2022 elections, these candidates are trying to mix things up I guess, with a fresh spin on the genre hopefully. It’s a choice for sure to not say ‘Zombie’ in a literal TV show about zombies. But maybe the choice is aimed to bring more veracity to an old genre, and fits with the effort to take a more serious approach to the medium – and the threat?

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