GOP Florida Governor Ron Desantis Outed As Card-Carrying Woke Mobster After Giving Speech Against Blocking Streets For Protests – Critical Of The Truckers For Freedom!? – Makes Law to Ensure Truckers Can’t Block Streets In HIS Tyrannical Florida!?

We can’t have that. It’s dangerous for you to be shutting down a thoroughfare. You’re also putting other people in jeopardy. You don’t know if an emergency vehicle needs to get somewhere, and then, obviously, it’s just disrespectful to make people stand in traffic.

“They’re not violent. Those aren’t riots. They’re out there being peaceful, and they’re making their voice heard, and we support them and their ability to do that. But it can’t be where you shut down commerce, or you shut down the ability to use these arteries,” DeSantis said about the people blocking traffic.

But DeSantis on Thursday told reporters blocking major thoroughfares was “illegal in Florida way before HB 1,” which is true. House Bill 1 updated an existing Florida statute about blocking roads during a protest. The previous statute also held that it was illegal for a person to obstruct traffic on public streets.


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