Attempted Assassination of Louisville Kentucky Mayoral Candadate at Democratic Headquarters Would Normally Be Funny – Crazy Folks Shooting At Politicians is A Great Passtime for The Public Spectacle, But if the Suspect Was A Trumper – Surely Assassinations in the Service of Political Parties and Candidates Is Strictly Just… Tacky

Have Americans really become so enmeshed in the political show that they are shooting people to promote political campaigns? What servile nonsense! I can’t imagine shooting someone to further some assholes political career. Imagine shooting someone and being like ‘It’s for you sir’. Fucking Blech. Where is you dick?

Police: Louisville Mayoral Candidate Unharmed in Shooting

Like, hey buddy, my neighbor’s dog is barking day and night orders that I go kill people. If I followed his orders would that make me smarter or dumber than some asshole going to shoot people for Donald Fucking Trump? Word of Advice: GET. A. JOB. YOU. FUCKING. HIPPIE.

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