What of… All This Talk of Divine Right of Kings? And As Far As Sympathy for the Devil…?

One may of course, possess such things…

But of consideration for the Devil…?

Lest we forget the shameless nature of that thing

After the day fades, and the fear of night begins

Lest we forget and find embarrassment

In having the will to walk away

In shining our light… on all that knowledge

of such darkness brings

Don’t be afraid

I implore you to the utmost

To terrible depths, and from the jaws of lantern fish

the evolution of terrible past, and how it did teach this horse to sing hymns

a strong arm on the left hand path

or a red right hand planting blinding seeds in the cave

I’ll never ask you to follow me

I’ll just keep walking

God forbid, the footprints

make a poster child

of all desire forbidden, for the carry on call

of fear and needful dreams

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