In a Cold Sweat Feeling the Worst I Prolly Ever Felt, I Got Out of the House and Ordered my Favorite Thing At the Chinese Place Near My Old House

And the lady at the counter with whom I have this fun repore says

“You look good” so, you know… score!

If I wake up in the dumbster and sleep more erratically,

Spend more time begging for fresh air and downpour

The doctor asks and I say ‘Like I said I don’t think it’s some kind of sickness
but more like routine, things…

Just, I’ve lost weight, so I feel like even though I am struggling I am maybe on the right path”

And if you ask if I’m alive

If you were to come and… some shining time arrive

How are things compared to… how they’ve been?

Is there a question? Is that it?

I would like to respond, and along poetic lines I reach in the middle of composition,

taking the trash out for –

‘Hesitation marks’ before the line I deliver in response

Nine inch nails, digging into what these days?

“I am listening to more female recording artists.”

Like, that’s new… so

And then the house sets on fire, and the nurse agrees, “I’m sure he’ll be alright.”

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