GiveSendGo – The Right Wing Go To Alternative After Failure to Abide by Terms of GoFundMe In Freedom Trucker Protest – Has Had a Massive Leak of User Info – Reblog from Vice


Hackers Leak Entire Donor History of Every Campaign on This Christian Crowdfunding Site

The pattern keeps repeating – Right wing causes fail to understand the terms of service of major well secured platforms, then move their business to less secure platforms that support their fringe causes because they have less protections for users in line with social norms and communal governing ethics. Then they get hosed.

The same happened with Trump’s social media platforms after being kicked off twitter for threats of violence. The obvious implication is that right wing government movements will be less safe and secure if they are based on movements in similar discord with the safety and security of all, and aim at redistributing the heft of punitive measures or definitions of justice into a direction that aims to protect certain views, at the expense of a cohesive social order.

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