I May Be A Liar, But I Ain’t No Snitch… – News From the Front of My War With Kim Kardashian’s Ass and The Broken Internet I Have To Return to Marcellus Wallace Before I Quit This Bad Business

Never Listened to Kanye, But I Remember the Review She Once Wrote

‘Half way through I was like, Ok bro, I get it – your dick’s down my throat’

What I love most about mental illness presenting in the popular cult?

The boys are back in town, and I don’t feel so alone – I mean, did you see

some Buzz feed article about Pete Davidson some kinna People Magazine shit wrote

Well Marcia, I Love Pete Cause He Looks Kinda Like A Dude Who Ain’t Emb arrassed

To Hold Your Purse, Y’Know?

Kanye’s Civil War and the symptoms of severe schizophrenia ‘presenting’ in the sunlight while

I walk and feel better is so…

Kind of both like leeding out and my Mom telling me ‘Don’t worry brah

It’s only bleeding, tho”

I have to stop and hold my arm a while – but it’s courside seating

not the arm that means heartside trouble

and don’t shrug you imbecile I AM<\ blind


I just want you to know, we ain’t never going back to the dayjob

and this guy I heard about robbed a bank with a phone

and somedays my father is Mr. Robot and God is a pussy

and Schrodinger plays the dead alive sad trombone

and every time I feel brave enough to go more insane

straight madman, it feels like learning to dance

buy exanguination

So – like, what the fuck is all that
It’s too fuck\ing much that’s fucking what!

And not much on whcih to go

On suspects

All the usual

What one always did know

Mulder and Scully are the only fucking ones that know

or so, I’d like to

be held and drink deep

and cobble the shoes with thee elves while i sleep

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