Trump’s social network will reportedly launch on Monday – Looking Forward to Joining And Discussing Government, Philosophy, and Criminal Justice For Those Who Attack Democracy

Trump’s social network will reportedly launch on Monday

An executive said Truth Social’s iOS app would open to the public on the Presidents’ Day holiday.

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As someone who is permanently banned from twitter and Facebook, partially for my posts targeting Trump with extreme rhetoric against his obvious threat to the safety of my community, I am looking forward to participating in a model-society online network that purports to be more open and free and able to discuss things of delicacy and depth. I am thankful someone like Trump is creating this enlightened forum where users are safe to discuss everything and anything without reprisals. I am sure it will be a total shitshow and he’ll ban half of the country who gets on just to talk about how much they hate the pig fucker and will be an accurate model of the dystopia IRL society Trump would create if given the chance. Cheers.

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