Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ App Branding and Name Raise Questions About the Nature of Truth and Communication in Our Age – Is All Truth ‘Social’ Or Are Some Truths Purely Private and Individual – As Well as Questions Like “How Many Times Do We Need to Call A Developing Mind the N Word to Properly Nurture Them Into Healthy Social Interaction?”

My initial posts on my Truth Social Account ‘SadClownPoet69’ Where I posted my favorite poems by Robert Frost and Emily Dickenson were well received. I was called ‘f*g’, ‘p*ssy’, and though I am white ‘n*****’ by over 46 separate accounts each. I am enjoying the app so far and glad to be having these social interactions. But it is making me wonder what is the ideal social network and if Trump is the person to set it up? I took a break from posting my personal interests and posted a gif of one of Trump’s political enemies being hanged, which got a thousand re’truths’ (reblogs) and likes. So, I may just post what gets the most positive response. I am worried if I complain about how people respond to my own ideas and interests I will draw the attention of the moderators and be dragged from my bed in the night and beaten in the basement of some building at the edge of town and buried in an unmarked grave.

Anyway, LOL, you know how it goes.

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” 

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