Tucker Carlson and GOP Hoping Putin’s Corruption and Oligarchic “Democratic” Social Model Spreads to America – Against the Feeble Democratic Defense Being Put Up Against the Fact It’s Been Here Forever

GOP has been endorsing imprisoning political enemies simply for not following the party line. They do support an oligarchic government with less democratic possibility for redress and defense against corruption from the people. They do want to arrest protesters who go against their narrative and encourage violence and disruption that supports their side. And so of course they would prefer Russia advance its political ideology over the American way which they no longer support. If you can’t win an argument based on the strength of your ideas, you can always invade people’s homes and force them to accept your will. It’s a shame Tucker’s show is so one sided he literally kicks off anyone who dares question him. He’s pushing an authoritarianism based on lowest common denomenator feeling, fear, and his own psychopathology.

It’s a serious shame the level of ‘intellectual discourse’ in this country.

The fact that Biden somewhat represents the interests of a peaceful society, a prosperous future of inclusion, diversity, and hope, is overshadowed by what a seriously dire situation our country is in based on decades of corruption from both parties serving monied interests and kneecapping any meaningful represention of what benefits actual Americans. This type of despair and inequality usually DOES lead to a cry for order and reform that makes people fall right in the hands of a despot or dictator.

Which is why Trump was elected in the first place, right on the heels of the first black President being no coincidence either.

The people will need to decide if they want to live in Tucker’s America of joker laughs at human misery, or Democratic grasps at sincerity though the actors remain elite politicians… the issue is whether the people voting are going to be pawns and pieces in someone else’s game… or start realizing the board has always been theirs.

So you recognize that your interests will always be on a different level than your ‘repreresentatives’ – Good for you – so what are you planning to do with your power to vote? Protest your lack of power by making a joke of the system? Voting for the people who IN POWER make a joke out of how the system can’t possibly serve you but they at least share a laugh with you in mocking the thought of control – while consolidating their power to serve themselves at your expense!?

One should always consider that a vote for a candidate who wants to control the lives of everyone must be counterweighed by the possibility that it will lead you to have to defend your home with physical force from the wills of those who have no interest in your voted candidates force upon them.

You vote for the end of democracy, you get what you pay for.

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