Right Wing Authoritarians WorldWide Worried Putin’s Message of DeNazification and Liberation Being Undercut by Reality He Is Murdering Thousands of Innocent Men Women and Children for Personal Profit and Self-Interest

“Mostly this is a battle of hearts and minds. Hearts and minds of those who support authoritarians 100% unquestionably and give up personal freedom to serve the collective at any cost. And the hearts and minds of the dead and those who we must crush who simply don’t get the good we are doing in the world,” said Jaxton Simplekill, a supporter at the Putin rally in Russia last.

“Uh huh. And, can we ask, are you being paid to be here at this event?” At which point a uniformed guard was called over by Simplekill and the reporter was secreted away, the camera feed unfortunately lost. Back to you Kent Gaslightburg!

Thank’s Linda. Hope their corpse turns up in one piece. And now to sports.

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