Texas AG Ken Paxton Comes Out Against Trans People Existing in Public – GOP Is Becoming Radically and Vocally Anti-LGBTQ

Undercutting the message that GOP is ‘protecting children’, Ken Paxton, a man involved in the lawsuits of Greg Abbott and others targeting trans-medical care of minors and their parents, comes out vocally against trans people existing – at all.

Texas AG Ken Paxton refuses to call transgender official Rachel Levine a woman — again

The GOP is using LGBTQ people as a foil in many election bids across the country, and one must assume their platform heading into the future involves targeting these and other minority groups for exploiting hatred in bid to further their seeking of power – while they do what to actually help Americans prosper or to benefit hard working families?

Ken Paxton, lawyers for parents of trans kids disagree on whether child abuse investigations can continue

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