Tucker Carlson Counter-Point Argument Guests Lists Slims to Zero as Those Who Dare Question Him at this Point Fear Poisoning by Novichok Nerve Agent

Tucker is not a fan of guests who question his narrative – in fact, his show, though an ‘opinion’ show, often is carefully constructed propaganda designed to lure his audience into specific feelings and views. The bubble is necessarily glossy and wants to be as geometrically perfect as possible – anything that sticks out is not to the benefit of his rhetorical convolutions. As Tucker moves the right from support of Putin – to retreat – and back towards his original support for right wing authoritarianism here and abroad – Americans, particularly Fox’s own viewers, should remain watchful their survival instinct isn’t subverted by the appeals of hucksters like Tucker. Is Tucker presenting an alternative view on conflict in Ukraine – to an America with a lack of alternative views? Or is Tucker supporting Putin’s nationalist view because he has lost faith in American democracy and wants to subvert the constitution to bring authoritarianism home? You decide, dear viewer. You decide.

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