Harry Potter Political Faction Divided over J.K. Rowling’s Response to Putin’s Identification Moment – Right Wing Trans Exclusive Feminism Wants to Distance Itself from Murderous Russian Military – But Does it Matter If Rowling Doesn’t Make it Clear that Putin is Obviously Voldemort?

For those who shape their entire political view from a couple of books they read as young people, or from a book they wrote, the message of which they later contradicted largely by becoming reactionary right wing exclusionary political twitter ideologues – what is the lesson from Putin declaring himself aligned with J.K. Rowling?

Is Putin Voldemort? Why does Rowling not make it clear who is good and who is bad and how we can want trans people to disappear without endorsing Putin’s murderous slaughter of innocents?

Potter fanatics are distraught not knowing who it is exactly, who shall not be named. Nothing is so clear as bombs falling on families at the whim of a militant monster.

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