Mitch McConnell Sports New Face Tattoos in Arrest Photos After He Throws Molotov Cocktails At GOP HQ’s To Protest Against “Radical Shift” in GOP and “Dangerous Talk” Against Interracial Marriage, Of Which Mitch McConnell is a Member Himself

The GOP is becoming a dangerous political faction right before our eyes, said a screaming belligerent Mitch McConnell as police wrangled him away from a burning GOP HQ building. Mitch had thrown molotov cocktails through the windows, which he claims was ‘legitimate political protest’.

“They are saying they want to use the power of the supreme court to do these things against the will of every day Americans, against the will of the majority of people, abusing power, not just abortion rights, but fucking Interracial Marriage!? My wife is asian, if I don’t stand up against the GOP now, how long until there is no one left to stand up!?”

Mitch was taken into police custody and is at this time awaiting trial. He says he hopes he gets a fair judge, hopefully someone who understands his plight. Preferably someone white, as he doesn’t like the looks of judges like that new Biden supreme court nominee. We left him there, as he was talking to other inmates, contemplating further face tattoos.

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