Ohio GOP Candidate Josh Mandel Shoots Himself On Stage at Rally to Prove to Doubters How Much He Supports Trump, Dies, Out of Running

Shortly after a near fight at a debate event with another GOP candidate, where Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons argued about what stocks who owned, or which ones were bad because the money went to this that or the other, rebutted by the appeal to the everyman “I didn’t even buy those stocks, they were bought by a bank, some underling” etc. – It Is Reported by Satire Source that Josh Mandel has shot himself on stage at a local rally after getting into an argument about proving how much he loves Trump. “I don’t love Trump?” he yelled. “I’ll show you how much I love Donald Trump!” and then he blew the back of his head off. He is now out of the running for the senate. Also, deceased.

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