As a White Man, I Feel It Imperative That Ted Cruz or Some Authority On Capitulating to Mockery of What You “Love” Give a Speech Condemning the Disgraceful Display at the Oscars of a Man Standing Up for a Woman’s Honor.

Ted Cruz knows what it is like to have one’s wife publicly mocked. But he did not resort to something so animalistic and demeaning as an open faced slap. He did the right thing and let the insult of his wife stand, and even went on to support and campaign for the man who insulted his wife. This is the type of leadership our society needs, and the type of man we should all aspire to be in a civil society. Please, Ted Cruz, condemn this abhorrent behavior!

Violence is never acceptable, especially to defend women! It is only potentially acceptable to overthrow democracy or to assault those who do not conform to society in an insufficiently self-effacing manner.

We need strong masculinity to step up and allow women to be disrespected, disability to be joked about, and comedy to devolve into mocking other’s inadequacies, or what type of society are we liable to become. I shudder to think what leadership that is willing to fight for women and the marginalized would lead us to.

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