Greg Abbott’s, Like Many GOP Candidates- Campaign for Re-Election Relying On Interesting Game Theory / Psychology Trick

Would You Choose to Rather Die Frozen From Poor Governance, Corruption of Public Utilities Handling, If Given a Bargain that You Could Also Harm Non-Conformists? Think it Through, Inmate.

Texas residents resemble experimental participants in the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Abbott has the advantage because his supporters believe someone like Beto O’Rourke is the one trying to screw everyone in the scenario. And by offering his voters an emotional out from the very real harm of mismanagement in the big Texas storm that killed people, by focus on culture war issues, Abbott lets everyone know they are in prison, but also the only best move is to try to screw everyone over, because, after all, we all prisoners, we are all criminals, and anything we do to try to change the situation… makes the situation… as bad as if the situation remains the same, which is clearly worse. Now everything is clear.

Night night. Don’t like the demonrats eat your children while you freeze to death under GOP rule.

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